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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

We Are The Teeth

At Long Last! Presenting 'We Are The Teeth,' the very first album by Miracle Beard. This underground album, recorded on 4-Track, Dictaphone and Computer, was completed in 2001 and never released to the public... until now.

1. Frazzled Dragon (Original Post)
2. Return of The Wagon Wheel (Original Post)
3. Gang Activity (Original Post)
4. Happy Lark (Original Post)
5. Davy Jones Locket (Original Post)
6. Candy Ass & The Cokehead (Original Post)
7. Banjopia (Original Post)
8. It's The Fireplace (Original Post)
9. Cry Babies Cry (Original Post)
10. Is There A God? (Original Post)
11. We Are The Teeth (Original Post)
12. Digital Nordic (Original Post)
13. Vibe Parade (Original Post)
14. Spores Enough For Trouble (Original Post)
15. Turtledillo (Original Post)
16. I Plead Guilty (To An Obession With You) (Original Post)
17. Happy Lark Remix (Original Post)
18. Tequila (Original Post)

Extra-Special Thanks to Beau Levitt!


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original music :)

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