"Ween Meets Beck In Daniel Johnston's Basement"

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rico's Song

YES! The Beard is Back! Here for your downloading enjoyment, absolutely FREE for a limited time, is our second album 'Rico's Song.' 'Rico's Song' was recorded on Dictaphone, Dying Four-Track and Computer between 2003-2005. "Rico's Song" is Copyright (c) 2005 Ron Cunnane, A.G. Pasquella, Riaz Hassan, Beau Levitt, and Jon F.

1) Shimmy Shag
2) Fitness Provider
3) Pretty Baby
4) Rubik's Cube
5) How Will I Know, Mindy?
6) New Immolation Schedule
7) Cabins
8) Sergei Is The Champion
9) Brothers Knuckles
10) The Manz Is Gonna Spanz Ya
11) Rico's Song
12) Could A Devil

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New Times

Greetings, faithful Beardateers! There's some changes afoot. You might notice that all the old songs on this site have been taken down. That's right, every single song-- GONE! Just like that. If you missed your chance to download our first album (We Are The Teeth, 2003) for FREE, please accept our condolences.

Our second album (Rico's Song, 2005) will be posted here soon, and for a limited time you will be able to download it for FREE! Then what we're going to do, see, is we're going to take that album down and put up our third album (Shit's On Sale, 2007). And so on and so forth. Can you dig it?

To tide you over, here's a link to the brand-new Miracle Beard Facebook Page.
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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Cybernetic Kangaroo

Here at Miracle Beard Studios we've been hard at work on our third album. It's going to be a good one. Here's a li'l sampling for you: a track entitled "Cybernetic Kangaroo." Enjoy!

Cybernetic Kangaroo

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

We Are The Teeth

At Long Last! Presenting 'We Are The Teeth,' the very first album by Miracle Beard. This underground album, recorded on 4-Track, Dictaphone and Computer, was completed in 2001 and never released to the public... until now.

1. Frazzled Dragon (Original Post)
2. Return of The Wagon Wheel (Original Post)
3. Gang Activity (Original Post)
4. Happy Lark (Original Post)
5. Davy Jones Locket (Original Post)
6. Candy Ass & The Cokehead (Original Post)
7. Banjopia (Original Post)
8. It's The Fireplace (Original Post)
9. Cry Babies Cry (Original Post)
10. Is There A God? (Original Post)
11. We Are The Teeth (Original Post)
12. Digital Nordic (Original Post)
13. Vibe Parade (Original Post)
14. Spores Enough For Trouble (Original Post)
15. Turtledillo (Original Post)
16. I Plead Guilty (To An Obession With You) (Original Post)
17. Happy Lark Remix (Original Post)
18. Tequila (Original Post)

Extra-Special Thanks to Beau Levitt!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


We Are The Teeth
Track 18 (Bonus Track #2 of 2): Tequila

Above: Tepoztecatl, Aztez God of Drunkenness, is swallowed by a serpent.

Holy @#*&@! Could this track be the Most Incompetent Insane Drunken cover of 'Tequila' of All Time? Survey Says... YES!


Happy Lark Remix

We Are The Teeth
Track 17 (Bonus Track #1 of 2) Happy Lark Remix

Yes! Bonus Track! Here is Riaz Hassan's 'Happy Lark Remix'. R.H. really busted his ass on this one and it sounds great. Have a listen, won't you?

Happy Lark Remix

Yep, this is the same Happy Lark Remix that was presented here earlier on this-a here blog. But now it's where it should be: a bonus track at the end of 'We Are The Teeth.' Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Plead Guilty (To An Obsession With You)

We Are The Teeth
Track 16: I Plead Guilty (To An Obsession With You)

Aw yeah, that end-of-the-night vibe. Stacked chairs and spilled beers. Janitor sweeping up in the back, ignoring the drunken band staggering around on stage. It's past last call so hang onto that scotch. Only a few die-hards left, including that cutie with the great smile two tables over. Just as the band launches into their last song, your eyes meet.

This one's going out to all you lovers!

I Plead Guilty (To An Obsession With You)


We Are The Teeth
Track 15: Turtledillo

You're such a weird, weird animal


What? No photo? Relax, relax. Link to the original Turtledillo blog post here.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Spores Enough For Trouble

We Are The Teeth
Track 14: Spores Enough For Trouble

Spore Trouble = Big Trouble.

A hoist of the Official Miracle Beard Brand Pint Mug to Riaz Hassan for his Post-Production work on this track.

Spores Enough For Trouble